Our Inspection Reports are Easy to Use

Our informative reports are laid out in an intuitive manner. Different areas of the home are clearly labelled and major systems (heating, electrical, etc.) each have their own section. Full-color photos are included, with helpful notations. At the end is a summary grouped by defect category. Please keep in mind that our Sample Report is for example purposes only, it is not a full report and does not include every section or component that a full report will cover.

The three categories in the report are:

  • Defective: This is an item that is not installed properly or not functioning as designed, such as a faucet that leaks. This category also may included systems or components that are past their expected service life--whether they are functional or not. These items are color-coded in brown on the report.

  • Marginal: This is an item that functions, but could be improved, such as a window that is difficult to open. This category also may include systems or components that are close to the end of their expected service life. These items are color-coded in blue on the report.

  • Health/Safety: This broad category includes anything that, in the opinion of the inspector, may be a danger to a home owner or occupant. It could include such diverse items as an uneven sidewalk (that is a trip hazard), missing smoke or CO detectors, or a gas leak. These items are color-coded in red on the report.

  • Not Inspected: We are clear and up front about the items in the home not inspected. This will include items like chimney flues (which should be cleaned and inspected by a qualified chimney sweep) and may include items that were inaccessible (blocked by occupants' belongings) or not able to operated. These items are color-coded in grey on the report.

Above and Beyond

Our reports contain full-color images of the defects we find, but why stop there? When we email you the report, we also include a link through which you can view ALL of the photos we took while at your property. In the course of a single inspection, we take anywhere from 100 to 500 high-resolution photos of the home (depending on the size and condition)! You are free to view or download the photos at your convenience. 

More Information

If you have already received your Home Inspection Report and are looking for more information, visit our pages that cover Common Issues Reported at Home Inspections, and frequently used Terminology. You can also search the Blog for topics that have been covered in more detail. If you have questions about specifics related to your home or your specific report, please feel free to contact Steadfast Home Inspection by phone or email